Copper Bonded Earth Rods are made from high tensile low carbon steel and each rod is molecularly bonded with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper on the low carbon steel rods in accordance with international standard.

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Our earth rods are meant to give high protection against corrosion and electrochemical reaction when buried in the ground. Our Copper Bonded Rods for earthing are available in different shapes like one end pointed and the other end threaded for extend, one end is pointed and the other end un-threaded, two end thread and one end-pointed.
These shapes can be made available in customized sizes length and copper thickness apart standard model.

Salient Features

  • Long-lasting & free of maintenance hazards copper coated rods
  • Unique manufacturing process ensures uniform coating thickness
  • Easy to install and is unbreakable
  • Corrosion free while providing the lowest resistance to ground
  • Very economical to use
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  • CNC Machine
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Power generators
  • Solar system
  • Telecommunication Towers
  • Microwave AntennasTransmission and power generators
  • Substations
  • Equipment Body Earthing
  • Computer and Data Processing Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities and Refineries

Various industries where copper bonded rods are applied:

  • Electrical Traders
  • Cements Industry
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Electrical Equipments
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Sugar and paper Industry
  • Petrol & Chemical Industry

Specifications :

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