Metal framing system

A metal framing system for building structures wherein the members have continuously roll formed and fabricated "C"-shaped, "T"-shaped, "I"-shaped cross sections and wherein the flanges at their distal edges excluding plate members, include a roll formed multi-purpose end and surface fastener recess extending the length of the member.

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These recesses are adapted to supportedly receive threaded fasteners for use in conjunction with both interconnection of pre-punched transverse plates at the ends of the members and also for attachment of wall covering against the flanges of the members. This recess and extended distal edge, while providing full functional flange width, also eliminates "Q" column flange loss while substantially stiffening the distal edge of the flange.

“C" section studs and joists members may have two additional end fastener recesses added to the webs where a total of four fasteners are required per member for attachment to plates. The plate web includes improved corrugation expansion structure and also includes two parallel spaced rows of spaced apart fastener entering holes which also serve to provide indicia of upright member spacing to the plates connected thereto.

The spacing between rows may be adapted to various member section depths. When used in truss cords, as a "T" section, the webs, in addition to having pivot and bearing holes, also include spaced pairs of truss aligning and bearing holes which provide convenient presellected truss slope selection as determined by the lengths of the members, the hole clearance, and bolt diameter.

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  • 21mm x 21 mm / 41mm x 21mm
  • 41mm x 32mm
  • 41mm x 41mm

21mm x 21 mm / 41mm x 21mm :

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A unique half-size reduction of the channel-width series, this smaller channel size can be used to carry light loads economically in applications such as instrumentation, retail displays and light-duty laboratory supports. It also provides the flexibility found in all Metal framing systems.

41mm x 32mm :

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A framing system designed for medium loads, the 32mm series is especially suitable for use in the OEM, commercial and display markets. It maintains lightness in scale and a clean line that makes it aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Attachments must meet the highest strength requirements.

41mm x 41mm :

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Designed to carry the heaviest loads and provide the widest variety of applications, the 41mm series has become the accepted standard for use in mechanical, electrical and general construction applications where supports and attachments must meet the highest strength requirements.

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